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In January 1977, there were two gruesome findings. On Jan. 24, the head and torso of an unidentified woman were found in a snow bank near A.J. Jolly Park in Campbell County. Two days later, the victim was identified as Diane Murtaugh. Then, on Jan. 29, Kevin Murtaugh told police they could find his wife's arms and legs under the Interstate 275 Bridge in Wilder. Police found the limbs there.

Campbell County police Sgt. Larry Giancola said the "butchering" of Diane Murtaugh had occurred Jan. 20 in the couple's Fort Thomas apartment. A carpenter's saw was recovered. She said he had given her a copy of the book "Helter Skelter," about Charles Manson, "and told me what a great person Charles Manson was. He said, `Charlie really had a thing going."

Cary Camm says she considers Murtaugh worse than Manson. "This guy dismembered his victim," she said. "If they're not letting the Charles Manson crew out of prison, why would you consider letting this guy out?" Camm, who was 15 when her sister was killed, says Murtaugh "not only took the life of my sister, he took the life out of my family." "My mother went into depression and never came out of it. I watched my mother deteriorate over the years with all this,'' Camm said. "I suffered depression for years. I tried three times to kill myself. My depression played a huge part in breaking up my marriage."

Camm says she fears for her life if Murtaugh is released. "A part of me says I have enough supporters to keep an eye out for me, but another part of me fears for my life," she said. "I've been very public with my fight against parole. "Whether he retaliates against me or someone else, I believe he will kill again if he is released. I feel it to the core of my bones." Hire our conveyancers or property solicitors who are outspoken and always standing with you in whole property transaction of conveyancing. New jobs and investment came to Northern Kentucky at a dramatically lower pace in the last year than in previous years.