Privacy Policy
Preventing your personal information is our major concern and we try to conduct it carefully with all precautions. Your personal information that we take is like your name, your email address, your contact number.

We keep your personal information in our database with full safety. We never allow anyone to make access to your personal information and take permission from your side and then allow other person to make access in your personal information.

We take your brief information at the time when you perform registration process on our website like your full name, full address, full email id, full contact number.

If a user is making a simple visit on your website and doing no registration process but searching and browsing throughout the website and also download any information from our website. In that case our trackers are there to track user’s information that is visiting our website.

All these information that is tracked by our trackers is like server name, domain name, IP address, location, date and time, browser type, etc. this information is helpful for us to improve our website performance as we get to know the performance of our website.

By having this information with us we get to know that which user is more interested in which web page and also we will try to improve that web page to make our website more interactive.

Cookies are small files that are stored on user’s computer at the time when any user makes a visit on our website. And this way it helps to track the information about users’ access on our website.