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As a child, he would spend hours in the basement practicing on a makeshift rim pretending he was on TV. He became so prolific at tricks that he made appearances on "The Tonight Show" when he was in the fifth grade. The eldest of four children, Miller played three seasons for his father, John Miller, at Blackhawk High School.

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Miller was the 1988 Big East freshman of the year, finishing his five-year playing career at Pittsburgh as the school's leader in assists (744) and free-throw percentage (88.5) and credits his father for developing him into a player and a coach. He becomes Xavier's 16th head basketball coach. "We wish Thad all the best," Rogers said.

"He has done an outstanding job at Xavier. He has taken our program to a place where we think it rightfully belongs and will remain." Miller, Matta's associate head coach, immediately was a leading candidate, and the speed with which Xavier moved to name a replacement seemed to reinforce his frontrunner status. "I think Sean will obviously be a candidate," Rogers said Wednesday night. "He has been a part of our program. He is an outstanding coach. I think we will naturally consider him if he wishes to be considered.'' Miller has occasionally talked about wanting to one day become a head coach. "I want to be a head coach, but it seems like everything today is a question of why not now?" Miller said rhetorically in an interview last year. "I'm just enjoying being at Xavier, and if we continue to win, my time will come.

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