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The league, rather, targets races in which it thinks it can make a difference. "He's got a close race and he's got one of the worst environmental records in the nation," Stoermer said. Lucas, a two-term incumbent, faces Republican challenger Geoff Davis in the Nov. 5 election. Republicans have identified the seat as vulnerable because Lucas is a Democrat in arguably the most conservative congressional district in the state. A spokesman for Lucas defended his voting record.

"Ken Lucas has worked in a bipartisan way to promote a balanced economic development and job creation in Kentucky," said Lucas campaign manager Ben Davis. "He has an impeccable record on issues that matter to Kentucky families such as job creation, affordable healthcare, prescription drug coverage and education reform," he said. Davis said the environmental group should spend more time looking at the other candidate — Geoff Davis — than attacking Lucas.

Geoff Davis, a Boone County businessman, released a statement Wednesday saying The league has compiled a Dirty Dozen list every election year since 1996, spending a total of $8 million in 37 races. E conveyancing adelaide is the method of transfer the legal possession of property from one person to another. Twenty-three of those candidates were defeated. Northup, who represents almost all of Jefferson County, was on the group's hit-list in 2000, but won re-election. Northup wasn't targeted this year, Stoermer said, because her race wasn't deemed as competitive as last time. Angry parents confronted the Newport Board of Education on Wednesday night over an assault on a child at Newport Middle School.

They wanted the board to see that the school administration lives up to its pledge to improve the school's safety guidelines. They also accused the administration of trying to cover up the assault and misrepresent it as an accident. During a touch football game students were playing at recess on Sept. 5, Joshua Hines, 14, was picked up and thrown headfirst onto the asphalt by other students. He went into seizures, and spent five days in Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, said his mother, Sandra Hines. He has not returned to school. A tutor is supposed to go to his house twice a week for homebound instruction, said his father, Greg Hines, but she has only come once. That was news to Newport School Superintendent Dan Sullivan. "That's pretty embarrassing," he said. "I thought this was all locked in and done."